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Understanding new TikTok trends is a task in itself. And now, attention has turned to a man named Owen Gray.

While Google results are sparse, he's certainly made a name for himself on the popular social media app – and some people are confused as to why.

A quick scroll through TikTok, and you'll be greeted with people swooning over the long-haired, heavily tatted man, with captions such as "The girls that get it, get it".

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Meanwhile, some comments prove we're not alone in not knowing who he is, with one saying: "POV: You have no idea what she's talking about".

And, we're here to clear it up for you...

Who is Owen Gray?

Owen Gray is an American adult film star renowned in the industry for his work in fetish films. He is recognised by the enormous Y-shaped scar on his chest, which was done by body modification artist Brian Decker.

He's also covered in tattoos, including a black block of ink on his calf and the alphabet scattered across his thigh.

There's very little about Gray online.

He told fellow porn star Asa Akira on the Pornhub Podcast: “I’ve progressively moved [to be] more and more private,

"I used to be very public online, talking about myself and my relationship. As I get older, I definitely value my privacy."

Gray doesn't appear to have any social media profiles of his own, though he once had a Twitter account (@veryowengray) which has since been deleted.

Why are people obsessed?

The obsession isn't entirely new, but Gray has undoubtedly cultivated a new swarm of fans in 2022, thanks to TikTok.

The (mostly) female fans have created a fan group of their own, with one saying, "I love everyone on TikTok loves Owen Gray I found my people."

Another said: "Owen Gray is such a beautiful human. God’s gift to women."

There are even dedicated edits fawning over the man and fan pages on Instagram.


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