Whole plane sings 'Baby Shark' to calm crying baby

Parents travelling with a young baby on a flight can be stressful, especially when worried about disturbing fellow passengers.

One passenger has shared a "really thoughtful" gesture he received from the parents of a 7-month-old on his flight, kindly warning that their baby may get noisy.

In a post to Reddit's Casual UK forum, they posted: "Some Parents can be really thoughtful to others...just sat down on Plane & they handed each of us this...," along with a photo of the bag they received which included some handy earplugs, some sweets as well as a little note.

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The message was from a 7-month-old named Hugo which detailed how it was his "first-ever flight" and as a result he "might get a bit scared" or his "ears might hurt."

"Please enjoy these sweets (not sugar-free) and use the ear plugs if I get a bit noisy," it read.

"I'll do my best to sleep for the whole flight!"

Since being shared on Reddit, the post has received over 8,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments from people sharing their thoughts on the note.

Some praised the parents for being so thoughtful about the experience of other passengers and acknowledging their baby may cause disruption.

One person wrote: "I don't mind a crying baby or an antsy toddler but what I do mind is parents who clearly don't care that their kids are turning into demon hell spawns that need an exorcism.

"Parents like these guys in the post are amazing and they deserve every good thing that can happen."

"Not even other parents want to put up with other people's screaming kids, so it's nice of them to acknowledge it," another person said.

Someone else added: "Nice they acknowledged the fact kids can seriously disturb others, a lot of parents don't care."

While others expressed their sympathy for the parents feeling the need to do this and noted flying with a baby is also an anxious experience for the parents too.

One person said: "It’s a common trend which is sad because moms feel like they need to do it now similar to buying people birthday cards. As if they need one more thing to deal with while travelling..."

"Can't we acknowledge that young parents of young kids are stressed already and give them a break," another person wrote.

"I never had issues with my young babies on planes but the added stress of judgemental passengers never did help the situation."

Someone else commented: "It is so sad that parents feel so self-conscious that they have to apologise for the existence of their baby."

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