Pastor claims he has disproved evolution because it's too complicated

YouTube / BBC International

At first glance, it is hard to understand how the strange text behind the man in this video could possibly disprove a major scientific theory.

Yup, "Frog + Kiss + (?) = Man" looks pretty baffling as a sum, let alone as the key to 'disproving evolution'.

As Pastor Gene Kim of the San Jose Biblical Baptist Church begins to 'debunk' the theory, sadly nothing gets any clearer.

Dr Kim kicks off by saying that the idea of princesses turning frogs into men by kissing them is a fairy tale.

Ok, we're all with him so far.

But then, he asks, how can a sheep or cow living in water possible turn into a whale? Therefore, evolution is a fairy tale.


The problem with Kim's theory is that scientists do not actually think that combining water with a sheep can transform it into a whale.

No, scientists are instead basing their conclusions on evidence that that a small hoofed animal called Indohyusis the earliest known relative of today's whales and dolphins.

And it took millions of years of adaptation, rather than the instant transformation of say, a frog turning into a prince.

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