The History of International Women's Day
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If you’ve been on Twitter today, you’ll no doubt have noticed a barrage of International Women’s Days posts.

But do all of the businesses tweeting about International Women’s Day actually pay their female employees equally?

A Twitter account with an avatar of a little grey robot with a floral hat has the answer.

This morning, the Gender Pay Gap Bot has been holding companies who are tweeting about International Women’s Day to account by revealing their pay gap statistics.

The bot’s bio reads: “Employers, if you tweet about International Women's Day, I'll retweet your gender pay gap”.

The account’s cover photo includes the message: “Deeds not words. Stop posting platitudes. Start fixing the problem.”

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Earlier today, the bot retweeted some household names and shared some surprising statistics.

This included clothing companies, hospitality brands, banks, NHS trusts, and more:

It also showed that some companies actually pay women more than their male counterparts:

It also highlighted that some organisations paid male and female workers equally.

Some companies have been deleting their posts if they have been targeted by the busy bot.

And it’s fair to say that Twitter is loving the chaos:

In the bio, the creator has also shared a link to a portal through which members of the public can search and compare gender gap data.

The results show the pay gap data for employers with over 250 employees, although smaller companies can voluntarily report their gender pay gap information.

The data is broken down into the pay gap based on median hourly pay, the percentage of women in the highest to lowest paying jobs, and a bonus pay gap.

Search up your own employer by visiting the government’s gender pay gap portal.

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