recently launched a new advertising campaign on the London underground. You may not have seen them if you don't live in the capital or if you have been stuck at home for three weeks.

They feature supposed profiles admitting perceived faults in their character, which you are supposed to actually find somewhat adorable, thereby proving that romance isn't dead and marketing companies can keep exploiting it.

However it has backfired a bit as some of the faults have not been as forgiveable as the 'love your imperfections' is aiming for:

Anyone who doesn't have their travelcard ready shouldn't be allowed on the tube, tbh.

Parody versions started cropping up, predominately from a devoted @WeFixYourAdvert Twitter account, casting a mocking eye on the campaign with a few hilarious photoshopped versions.

We humbly present a few political versions for your pleasure also:

Whether this can be counted as a success for or not is debatable. While the campaign is everywhere, people are now convinced that the service is full of people who aren't ready with their travelcard.

And no one wants to date that sort of abominable heap of a person.

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