Picture: Mat Fascione/Wikimedia Commons
Picture: Mat Fascione/Wikimedia Commons

Journalist Rhodri Marsden has been asking people to share their worst school trip experiences, and people have delivered.

In 2011, Marsden began a trend of people tweeting the makeshift beds they slept in when home for Christmas:

Now Marsden has posed a challenge to his followers: to admit the worst thing that ever happened to them on a school trip - the best days of the best days of your life.

He kicked things off with a tale of woe from his own life:

Poor Martin.

Poor bed post.

Marsden's followers quickly began to supply their own.

There was this prank gone awry:

Why did I ever let you go?

Spare a thought for the travel sick today:

Some sins cannot be undone.


Trip ideas from hell.

Love and other drugs.

The coach related ones are just upsetting.


Marsden had his own schadenfreude favourites:

Some had happy endings, or at least the kind of ending you can take pleasure in.

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