Yes, this ridiculous ad using 'hot lesbians' to promote Canadian over Saudi oil is actually real

Ever wonder what an online comment section would look like if it were turned into an ad? Look no further than this recent bonafide ad for Canadian oil:

In Canada lesbians are considered hot!
In Saudi Arabia if you're a lesbian YOU DIE!


The tagline to the baffling poster is "Choose Equality! Choose Canadian oil!", because, logic.

The ad was created by Robbie Picard of the Canada Oil Sands Community, a group which unofficially advocates on behalf of the threatened industry, mostly online.

The ad - which one male blogger described by saying "my 13-year-old self would have thought this was advertising genius" - has been met with bemusement and allegations of sexism.

Picard, who is openly gay, told the National Post he didn't expect such a strong backlash, and did not intend to objectify anyone.

When I say lesbians are hot, I don’t think there is anything wrong about saying that.

I think all lesbians are hot and I’m not opposed to putting a picture of two guys up there. It was just to strike up a conversation. I find anybody is hot. I think two women kissing is hot. I think that something that is part of the fabric of our city — that we can do whatever we want in our country — that is hot.

Calgary Social Workers for Social Justice was not impressed, though. One lesbian member said the message about saving the oil industry got lost in the ad:

If this poster is what convinces you to buy oil from Canada instead of Saudi Arabia, then I think you probably don’t appreciate the [LGBT] movement that is still happening.

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