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On Thursday the comedian Dom Joly was one of many people to share this image regarding events since Brexit.

The message, attributed to 'Matt Scaff - Dorset' read.

Post-Brexit Britain in a nutshell: 'Pound sinks to its lowest point since the Neolithic period, not a murmur. Interest rates rise, not a murmur. Despite the Brexit promise, May says no more money for the NHS, not a murmur. 14 children arrive from Calais, country goes f****** mental. Tells you all you need to know about Brexiters.' Matt Scaff - Dorset

The image has been shared almost 12,000 times, and liked over 9,000, though many of the comments criticised the overall message.

Matt 'Scaff', a pseudonym that refers to his former work as a scaffolder, spoke to indy100.

I have only just seen all these reactions to what was just a throw away comment...I just felt it showed what Brexit was really about. I am essentially a working class male ex scaffolder, hence the name.  

I've been on lots of mainly football forums during the vote full of Brexiters, whose main drive was 'darkies out'. Economic consequences of Brexit did not matter. The final straw of proof was no moan about lack of money for NHS.

I am in a hard place myself, ideal candidate to be blaming immigration but if I can see through it, why cant others?

Matt's comments were made into the meme by his friend Jackie who posted it on her profile, from whence it became a viral sensation.

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