Peppa Pig responds after Adele rejected collaboration: ‘Don’t you like me?’

Peppa Pig responds after Adele rejected collaboration: ‘Don’t you like me?’

From dissing Kanye West’s Donda album to being called out by Cardi B, Peppa Pig has been hogging the showbiz limelight recently, and now the attention has been turned to Adele.

In the run-up to the release of her new single, which dropped Friday, Adele took to Instagram Live to chat with her fans and answer all their burning questions.

Fans discovered her favourite flavour crisps, her go-to Chinese takeaway order – and whether Peppa Pig will be featuring on her hotly-anticipated upcoming album.

The seemingly stunned singer reiterated the question to her live stream viewers, “Am I gonna’ collab with Peppa Pig?”

To which she abruptly answered “no” and moved on.

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Subsequently, the famed pig was “really sad” by her reaction. Speaking on Capital FM, Peppa told the 33-year-old: “That made me really, really sad when you said you wouldn’t collaborate with me. Why not? Don’t you like me?”

Caught off guard, Adele then asked whether it was the real Peppa Pig before confessing that she “felt terrible the second [she] said it.”

“First of all babes, Peppa, that ain’t the one of you that I know. That’s not the same voice with the one I grew up with, with my son.

“But Peppa, I’ve already said today that I regret it. I spent three years watching you and any time you want to go jumping in muddy puddles and sing in muddy puddles, I’m with you babes.

“I felt terrible the second I said it.”

The 33-year-old dropped her single on Friday – and in true Adele style, it’s a real tear-jerker. Easy on Me is said to address why she left her marriage from ex-husband Simon Konecki. 

Meanwhile, the Teletubbies had a much more promising response from Little Nas X when they reached out to the rapper for a potential collab. The request, however, resorted to them being called “little gay demons” by a right-wing US politician.

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