Period pain simulator brings man to his knees in agony

Period pain simulator brings man to his knees in agony
Viral TikTok sees men struggling with pain of a period cramp simulator

Those of us who have experienced bad period pains will know just how painful and frankly how debilitating they can be.

One company named Somedays creates products for period pain relief, but they also have a simulator that recreates period pains for those who have not had the pleasure.

The simulator allows those who have never had period pains to experience them. It’s hoped that the initiative will increase empathy for those who experience it every month.

Somedays set up a stall at a rodeo in Calgary Stampede rodeo in Alberta, Canada, where they got cowboys to try out the simulator.

In one clip that has been viewed 1.3 million, a cowboy was reduced to his knees in agony while using the simulator.

Text overlay on the video read “Period pain simulator brings cowbody to his knees.”

The man could be seen laughing and increasingly recoiling in pain as the intensity level of the simulator ramped up.

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While seated in a chair at the beginning of the clip, the man stood up at one point and ended up on his knees because he couldn’t take the pain.

People in the comments were loving the fact that he was experiencing the pain many feel every month.

One TikTok user replied: “Every man should experience this.”

Someone else said: “Now do that for 5-7 days tough guy.”

Another person replied: “These bring me so much joy. Our pain is so often dismissed and it is absolutely not normal!!! Made my day.”

“How does someone sign up for this job,” one TikToker asked.

Someone else wrote: “that plus do everything during the day - work, clean, take care of kids/SO etc.”

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