Fiancé left a 'broken man' after partner hid 200 tiny toy babies in their apartment

Fiancé left a 'broken man' after partner hid 200 tiny toy babies in their apartment
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An Amazon reviewer says they drove their fiancé crazy by buying 200 tiny toy babies on Amazon - before hiding them everywhere imaginable in their apartment.

The person in question left the lengthy review on the site, and after someone spotted it, it quickly went viral.

"Hearing his deep exhausted sigh followed by 'oh my god' because he has found baby #175 has brought me more joy than I could ever describe. The fear in his eyes when he opens anything because he is expecting a small plastic baby has produced more serotonin than you can imagine," the person wrote.

It continued, "He is a broken man. I have destroyed his hope of living a life free of tiny plastic babies. We will be finding these for the next 70 years. I will purchase these again."

People couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous nature of the review.

"This is the level of chaos I aspire to," wrote one person.

Another person wrote about their own experience with these miniature babies.

"Someone did this at my middle school when I was in eighth grade. They would put little plastic babies throughout the school every week, and they would add more and more each week. It concluded with every teacher getting like 20 on their desk. I do not know who did it or why," wrote one person.

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