Everyone's joking that Phil and Holly will skip line to see Pope Benedict

Everyone's joking that Phil and Holly will skip line to see Pope Benedict
Pope emeritus Benedict XVI lies in state

Thousands of people lined up on Tuesday to pay their respects to the late Pope Benedict XVI during his lying in state, sparking some old jokes about the This Morning hosts.

When Queen Elizabeth II died in September, media personnel, celebrities, and everyday people waited in a nearly 10-mile-long queue to view the Queen's coffin and pay their respects.

But This Morning co-hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were accused of queue-jumping sparking controversy and hundreds of jokes online.

Now that there's another lying-in-state to attend, the jokes have restarted.

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Pope Benedict XVI died on 31 December at 95 years old. The Catholic Church announced there would be a 3-day lying in state for the public to view the former pope's body.

So of course, people on Twitter shared memes and jokes about Schofield, 60, and Willoughby, 41 about queue-jumping.


When Schofield and Willoughby were accused of queue jumping in September they quickly got to work clearing their names by issuing a statement on their show and through their network, ITV.

At the time, people were enraged at the idea of the This Morning hosts not waiting in the queue.

But the two stated they waited in a separate media queue like many other journalists.

Regardless of the facts, people on Twitter still poked fun at the two - even Domino's pizza got in on the fun.

So when the opportunity presented itself to crack similar jokes about Schofield and Willoughby regarding the former Pope's lying-in-state, people couldn't help it.




It is unclear if Schofield and Willoughby will actually be attending Pope Benedict XVI's lying-in-state.

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