Alex Jones says he wishes he was as talented as Piers Morgan

Alex Jones says he wishes he was as talented as Piers Morgan
Alex Jones suggests calculators are responsible for the enslavement of the human …

A decade after Infowars' Alex Jones and Piers Morgan went head to head on CNN over gun laws, the two met up again for a fiery chat about the far-right conspiracy theorist's viewpoints.

And in the midst of the two arguing, Jones said he wished he was as talented as the TalkTV host.

Jones appeared on the Piers Morgan: Uncensored show to discuss him being ordered to pay $1.5bn to the families of the children who died in the Sandy Hook shooting because he called it a hoax.

He also called Michelle Obama a man, among other baseless claims.

"Piers, it's good to be here with you after 10 years on the biggest news event on CNN in 2013, so the circle is now complete. But you just spent eight minutes saying a lot of things that were true, a lot of things that weren't true, so I'd like to address that, "Jones said.

"When I came on your show months and months after Sandy Hook in the CNN studios in New York, I never said it didn't happen, I never sent people to their houses—when the internet went totally viral in the next year, questioning it with anomalies…," he said before adding that he didn't "build" his career from Sandy Hook.

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Jones eventually admitted to Morgan that he “messed up a lot" in his life,” and then suggested that the pair have a “love-hate” relationship, referring to audio clips that were apparently sent between the pair before he came onto the show.

“I watched the intro to your show, I was like 'that guy's a master of really understanding this attack on our freedom, and I wish he knew I was a real guy. Man, I wish I was as good as this guy.'”

But Morgan didn’t seem to feel the same way, noting that he places a "premium on accuracy," which is why they are not one and the same.

When the Uncensored host ended up playing a video clip of a Sandy Hook victim's mother, who finds Jones' claims damaging, he said it was garbage, which caused an even more heated conversation between him and Morgan.

"You're not letting me talk," Jones said while he kept repeating the web address

There were even points in the interview when the conspiracy theorist flashed the InfoWars' logo on the screen.

Towards the end of the interview, Jones told viewers to not be "mind-controlled" by Morgan and began to shout.

"You're never going to get our first amendment and I'm glad you had to move back to England," Jones said before adding that the host "doesn't want freedom."

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