Pizza thief’s genius life-hack goes viral on TikTok

<p>A TikToker has shared a hack they use to get free pizza</p>

A TikToker has shared a hack they use to get free pizza


A pizza worker has gone viral on TikTok with their genius hack where they can nab a slice of a customer’s pizza without them realising.

The account, named “Lonely Pepperoni”, shares how they are able to get away with this stunt.

At the beginning, it shows a freshly baked pizza just out of the oven.

As they transfer the pizza into the delivery box, text then appears reading: “When you all buy 1 pizza but you pay more.”

This is where the TikToker reveals their crafty trick.

They pull out a large mezzaluna pizza cutter and cut it into it twice across the middle to so that there is a big, long slice in the centre.


Then, the worker proceeds to remove the slide they just cut in the middle and appear to put it under the table.

Afterwards, the two remaining parts are pushed together to create a smaller pizza.

And you wouldn’t be able to tell that someone has just taken a large slice of it.

Our whole life has been a lie...

Obviously, people are both equally impressed and shocked with this hack, the TikTok now has over 25.1m views, 1.5m likes, with thousands commenting their thoughts.

Some couldn’t believe this trick was even a thing.

One person said: “Now I have trust issues.”

“My trust issues have been raised 999999x,” another person wrote.

Someone else commented: “Makes me question everything.”

“Omg the deceit,” a fourth person said.

While others were more concerned about the slice that was cut out and seemingly dropped under the table.

One person wrote: “Where did you put the other piece though, hope it’s being devoured and not garbage.”

“Why did you drop it on the floor tho,” another person questioned.

Someone else replied: “Did he just throw away a piece?”

You can watch the full video here.

Don’t know about you, but we’ll never be able to look at takeout pizza the same way ever again.

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