Plane passenger woke up to a child drawing on her sock - and people say she's to blame

Plane passenger woke up to a child drawing on her sock - and people say she's to blame
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A woman on a plane woke up confused as a child drew on her sock - but people on social media think she's to blame.

UK travel blogger Julie Valentine initially shared a recording of the surprising moment.

However, it went viral after the video was posted on the Instagram account Passenger Shaming.

"I woke up to some random kid drawing on my white socks…" read the video's onscreen text.

In the video, a woman zoomed the camera into the doodle drawn in marker across the top of her white sock.

She could also be seen clutching her foot with the scribbles in her hand.

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Interestingly enough, people didn't provide much sympathy towards her and even accused her of propping her feet up in between the seat and the window, which isn't the courteous thing to do on a flight.

One person on Instagram wrote: "When you put your feet on an ARMrest that isn't your designated ARMrest …"

"Only yourself to blame. If your feet are somewhere they can be "drawn on," then they are in the wrong place," another added.

A third wrote: "Makes for a funny story. How can you be mad? It's cute. But also keep your feet off someone else's chair, and it won't be an issue."

Additionally, the travel account @lifesatripwithsk had a summary of the incident and the fact that the traveler was wearing socks.

They said it's fine to wear socks on a flight as they are "clean," don't have an odour, and "stay in your own space and not propped on various parts of the aircraft."

This isn't the first time feet made interesting appearances on planes.

In September, a woman named Savannah (and goes by @veeveela on TikTok) was on an American Airlines flight when she noticed a passenger's "nightmarish" toes.

The passenger sitting behind her took off their shoes and socks and rested both of their feet on the back of her armrest.

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