Streamer Pokimane hits back at 'broke' viewers who criticised price of her cookies

Streamer Pokimane hits back at 'broke' viewers who criticised price of her cookies
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Streamer Pokimane has hit out and called viewers “broke” over complaints at the prices she charged for cookies.

From being attacked live on a stream to unwittingly helping a shoplifter escape a store, you never really know what to expect when tuning in to any given stream.

It’s fair to say that fans of the streaming sensation Pokimane were not expecting the price that she was charging for her controversial Myna cookies after launching a new business venture.

On 13 November, the Twitch star launched Myna Snacks, which has begun selling “Midnight Cookies” – a gluten-free chocolate cookie infused with Vitamin D and flavoured with sea salt.

They are available to purchase online and cost $7 per bag (£5.60) but are only available in a 4-pack, 8-pack or 12-pack. This means the minimum amount an average buyer can purchase is $28 worth, plus shipping costs.

Pokimane hit out at those criticising the product’s price, calling them “broke” for not wanting to pay that much.

In a live stream, she said: “When people are like ‘oh my god $28 for cookies’. It’s four bags, that’s $7 per bag. I know, I know math is hard when you’re an idiot. But, if you’re a broke boy just say so.”

But, her comments have sparked backlash, with many suggesting she is out of touch with real life and the struggles faced by the general population.

One person argued: “These streamers are getting soo out of touch with reality it’s actually disgusting.”

Another called her an “out of touch millionaire calling people broke for not buying her overpriced cookies”.

Someone else wrote: “Ok I'm not American but even I know $28 for only 4 bags of cookies is a scam and extremely out of touch.”

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