Couple divide opinion for using pole dancers at their gender reveal party

Couple divide opinion for using pole dancers at their gender reveal party
Pole dancers reveal gender at baby shower party

Over the years we've seen a fair few controversial gender reveal parties (which by their nature are pretty controversial anyway) but we not sure we've ever seen pole dancers used at one.

A couple in Moldova has recently gone viral on TikTok after they hired a pair of pole dancers to reveal whether they were having a boy or a girl.

The dancers, one of which goes under the username of @mariap_poledance were dressed in blue and pink to represent the archaic colours associated with those two genders.

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After both doing their elaborate but nonetheless impressive dance routines, the pair tussled before the dancer in blue popped a balloon nearby the couple to reveal that they were having a boy.

It's a slightly confusing way to do things as it kind of rendered the dancer's performance pointless as it wasn't part of their routine. Regardless the two videos have since gone viral on TikTok and had more than six million views at the time of writing.


Gender party #party #genderparty #rek #reki


а вот и результат 😍 хейтерам пройти мимо #рек #реки #genderparty

As a result, people aren't quite sure what to make of the clips and whether they think using pole dancers are right for such an occasion.

One person wrote: "Baby’s first birthday will require you bring dollar bills."

A second added: "Y’all…. Pole dancing is a gorgeous and athletic dance, it doesn’t always have to be associated with the club."

A third said: "well …. That’s a first …"

Some have speculated that the mother-to-be in the video is a dancer herself and the dancers in the video are likely her friends. One person wrote: "pretty sure the mom dances so she had dancers reveal it."

A second person had the same idea but with a caveat: "honestly I think it's cute if it's her friends are doing this, and they did a really good job. now if this was his idea..."

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