Viral TikTok shows police pulling over the wrong car and cuffing the driver anyway

<p>Police acknowledged they’d got the wrong vehicle but apparently cuffed the driver anyway</p>

Police acknowledged they’d got the wrong vehicle but apparently cuffed the driver anyway


Las Vegas police officers pulled over the wrong car and placed the driver in handcuffs anyway, according to a viral TikTok video.

The clip shows a group of cops standing by their cars, sirens blazing, pointing their guns at the unseen driver.

One of them can be heard instructing him to throw his keys out the window, take his seatbelt off and exit the vehicle.

More officers then approach from behind, with one calling over that it’s “the wrong car.”

“What? This ain’t it?” the lead cop asks incredulously, before continuing to issue instructions to the indignant driver.

As he’s told to “settle down” the driver can be heard shouting back: “You’ve got guns on me, what do you mean, ‘settle down’? That’s my house right there.”

A follow-up video shows officers cuffing the man briefly before they finally accept their mistake and let him go.

“Just get me out of these cuffs and let me go about my day, please and thank you,” he says.

Officers ran over to their colleagues and announced the mistake, but the hold-up continued@lastcall702/TikTok

The footage, shot by an onlooker, has racked up more than 400,000 views since it was shared last week, as fellow TikTokers voiced their outrage at the police response.

“How many cops does it take to pull over the wrong car,” one joked dryly.

“Listen to their words and demeanour after knowing they have the wrong car. All should be fired,” said another.

A third said: “Again the reason why we don’t trust cops. They now know they’ve got the wrong car and still guns are pointed.”

And a fourth hit out at the officers’ “completely irresponsible” behaviour, saying: “I will respect the blue when the blue respects the citizens they are paid to serve.”

indy100 has contacted the Las Vegas Police Department for comment.

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