Polish badger drinks seven beers, passes out on beach, sleeps for two days

A badger that has been partying a little too hard has checked into an animal shelter to dry out.

The female party animal was found passed out on the beach surrounded by beer bottles in the Polish seaside town of Rewal and taken to local animal shelter, Dzika Ostoja.

The shelter uploaded pictures and a video of the badger, whom they named Wandzia, to Facebook on Wednesday, captioned "Oh, youth. Oh, summer holidays":

We found Wandzia drunk, surrounded by seven [empty beer] bottles. There were two more in the bushes, so it’s possible Wandzia began partying there. Haha.

  • Facebook post from Dzika Ostoja

Dzika Ostoja said they thought the badger stole some Desperados from other beachgoers and got the caps off with her teeth.

The animal was unconscious for two days but is now on her way to a full recovery, even if her hangover is something special. The shelter plans to release her back into the wild by the end of the week, according to the Guardian.

At least Wandzia only caused mischief for herself: earlier this month a fellow woodland creature hit the headlines after a squirrel broke into a Worcestershire pub, got drunk and caused £300 worth of damage.

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