Pope Francis’ Instagram account just liked a very NSFW picture and no one can work out why
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Whoever controls Pope Francis' Instagram account made a very embarrassing mistake.

Natalie Garibotto, who often posts photos of her in bikinis, was shocked to see that she had a like from one of the holiest men on Earth.

When she posted a photo of her wearing a schoolgirl outfit, we’re certain she wasn’t expecting support from the Vatican.

But, according to Garibotto, she received a double tap from the pope's Instagram account.

In a later post, she wrote: “On this very day I was blessed, you could be too.”

She shared a screen recording of the pope’s official Instagram – @franciscus – appearing to have liked the photo.

Garibotto also told Barstool Sports:

My mum may hate my ass pics but the pope be double-tapping.

The pope is known for being more liberal than his predecessors, but still... this can't have been intentional?!

It's highly likely that it was a mistake from whoever manages his social media accounts.

Nonetheless, people were baffled.

The post has since been unliked by the account.

But Garibotto still has bragging rights for life.

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