This man accidentally played porn on a giant billboard for the whole city

Lightening News/Ken Meyer/YouTube

Ever thought your headphones were plugged in? Or forgotten that your laptop was still connected to the wireless speaker in another room? This is like that, but ten times worse.

On Wednesday, everyone outside the Ningbo Tianlun Square shopping mall in Ningbo, China, were 'treated' to a 10 in the morning pornography viewing, on a huge billboard sized screen.

According to local police, the clip had been saved on the computer of a worker whose job it was to test the video billboard.

Good testing.

This video of the incident, posted online, shows passersby noticing the screen and bursting out laughing.

The incident was reported to Yinzhou police and the worker was interrogated.

The sex of the worker was not confirmed.

Ningbo Tianlun square shopping mall also released an apology for playing the porn on their screens.

The incident was believed to be an accident.

People's Daily reported that the laptop in question was left on auto-play, and the porn began showing in the absence of the billboard worker.

In October, an Indonesian IT worker was arrested for hacking an billboard to play porn.

The unnamed man managed a few minutes before getting caught, and he admitted to the crime.

The punishment came with a six year prison sentence time.

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