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A woman has shared her boyfriend’s clueless response when she sent him a picture of a positive pregnancy test.

Thinking it was a positive Covid test, he said: “We’re both gunna have to isolate for 10 days.”

TikTokerHannah Alexis Grace shared the text exchange with her 47,000 followers four days ago. In that time, the clip has racked up 33 million views, 4.7 million likes, and 40,000 comments.

Warning: This clip contains language that viewers may find offensive


🥲🥲🥲 #fyp #CloseYourRings #fyp

The video starts off with on-screen text that reads: “Here’s how telling my boyfriend I’m pregnant went”.

She told him she figured out why she suddenly felt ill, and sent a picture of a positive pregnancy test.

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They both appeared to be worried, before her boyfriend said: “It’s okay don’t panic babe… we’re both gunna have to isolate for 10 days”.

He added: "Do you reckon your mum has it?"

Confused at his reaction, she told him straight that she is pregnant.

He responded: "Omg".

One viewer commented: “10 days in isolation?? Try 18 years”.

Another wrote: “Omg I can’t believe what I’m reading. Please tell me he was joking” along with laughing emojis.

“Hahaha this actually made me laugh out LOUD,” another commented.

Some commenters asked why she told him over text. In the comment section, the TikToker wrote: “I am carrying and growing this baby for 9 months, I will tell him how I want.”

She added: “If it was different circumstances that would have been told face to face, it was something that was completely unexpected and scary, so I text him”.

In a follow-up video, she showed the supportive messages her partner sent after he discovered he would be a dad.

He said the news was a “blessing” and said although he felt overwhelmed, he also felt happy.


part 2 that you’ve all been asking for. still very much in love and zero fucks about me telling him over text 🥰🥰#HowDoYouHUGO #fyp #CloseYourRings

This isn’t the first time someone has seemingly mistaken a pregnancy test for a Covid test.

In a now-viral tweet, a text exchange shows someone say: “Damn hope you feel better. Quarantine” after receiving a snap of a positive pregnancy test.

Either way, we’re sure it’ll be a funny anecdote for Hannah and her partner to share with their baby when they’re older.

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