Presenting the most demanding birthday list email ever sent

This is basically a reminder that whenever you write anything online, you should bear in mind that a lot more people could read it than you intended.

This email was supposedly sent by the parents of a baby boy about to be celebrating his first birthday to family members, advising them which presents were on the approved list.

  • Click here for a larger version of the letter

That list includes:

  • A water table from Walmart
  • A play tent and play tunnel from Ikea
  • A Fill in the Missing Cheerios book

The email states:

If you are unable to get these items, please let us know so that we can buy them right away for him.

It goes on to note the importance of providing receipts for presents not on the approved list:

When we return items without receipts, we only get about 50 per cent of the value, so it is like throwing away money if you don't include a receipt with the gifts.

The parents also write that everyone can expect a "formal invite" to the birthday party soon. I bet everyone can't wait...

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