Presenting the worst adverts of all time

Presenting the worst adverts of all time

Sex and death, two of the subjects that dominate humankind's collective psyche more than any other, are notoriously difficult to advertise.

But even with that in mind, these adverts for a crematorium in the US are especially creepy.

Internet users were left angry and confused when the adverts for St Louis Cremation, which ran in print in the Town and Style St Louis Magazine, were posted online.

In one, a girl that later emerged is the daughter of owner Oliver King, appears alongside text reading: "Don't let the flower fool you. She'll be a teenager soon."

Two other equally quite, quite unsettling adverts later emerged.

Mr King told the Riverfront Times that there was no disturbing hidden message in the adverts.

"Ads are usually so boring that people usually don't stop and see. I was just trying to get people to stop for a second and see the picture, and then my company's name. That was it. The two are not supposed to be related, except that's my daughter and my company," he said.

"I got people calling and complaining, like, 'Are you going to kill her? Is she going to kill someone?' I couldn't believe that went somewhere in their minds that they thought that was what I was trying to say."

The ad campaign has now been dropped, as the crematorium revealed in a post on its Facebook page.

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