Psychic who predicted Queen's death has 'awful' Prince Andrew prediction

Psychic who predicted Queen's death has 'awful' Prince Andrew prediction
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A psychic, who claimed to have predicted the Queen's death, said he feels like "something awful" will happen to Prince Andrew this year.

Craig Hamilton-Parker has been dubbed by many as the "new Nostradamus" due to his future predictions, alongside his spiritual medium wife, Jane.

He was said to have predicted the pandemic, Donald Trump becoming president and Brexit. Recently, he also foresaw King Charles being pelted by eggs – which later came true a few weeks later.

Speaking about Charles' first year as King, Hamilton-Parker told the Metro he sees him being "a reforming king".

He said: "Doing this not just to appeal to the British people but with a worldwide remit in mind by keeping Australia on board for example.

"But I get some strange feelings about the coronation itself and about what they call the stone of scone.

"The stone of scone was used during the old coronation of the Scottish kings that was stolen by Edward and brought back to Westminster and only in recent years was it given back to the Scots.

"I have weird feelings about Scotland, some kind of protest or someone trying to steal the stone and its tied in within Scotland because I’ve had a vision of a red-faced Nicola Sturgeon."

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He then made a shocking claim after experiencing a "deep meditation state".

Hamilton-Parker claimed that something "awful" would happen to Prince Andrew – but it wouldn't be fatal.

He explained: “In a deep meditation state recently and when in contact with my spirit guides Prince Andrew appeared and something awful happened to him."

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