Attention airline passengers, this is your captain speaking: Don't be appalling to each other. Just because you're flying majestically through the air doesn't mean you have the excuse to act like neanderthals.

Wouldn't it be nice if a captain uttered this just before take off? A small request to people not to be horrible to one another, respect the hard working cabin crew and other people's space.

Unfortunately, I've yet to experience an announcement like this one on a flight, but after this particular travel faux pax I'm wondering whether it should become mandatory.

Meet Jessie Char. Jessie was flying home to San Francisco when she experienced something every passenger secretly prays for. Being placed next to two gloriously empty seats.

It's one of the greatest aviation wins since the Wright brothers got off the ground.

Jessie told indy100:

My row was free and clear for the first 10 minutes of my flight. I had even left all the arm rests up so I could feel the vastness of my private bench in the sky.

But, because bad things happen to good people, the situation worsened.

It's almost too horrible to comprehend.

That's right, the person in the row behind decided to prop up their feet (we assume they were sweaty, it was summer) up on the arm rests.

Now, we all want to relax when flying but this is ridiculous.

Alas, it doesn't stop there.

This is a real American Horror Story.

To quote Josh Wolf, "that is not ok".

Jessie told indy100:

The feet stuck around for about five minutes, but disappeared just as I had finally gotten a flight attendant to come over. I would have said something to the passenger but I kind of wanted another human being to witness what was happening.

But was it the worst thing to happen to her on a flight?

I've seen worse things on planes in that a lot of people are terrible and rude to each other's faces. A lot of people start unnecessary confrontations when the truth is we're all miserable, uncomfortable, and dehydrated. This was definitely the most tangentially inconsiderate thing I've seen. Also the funniest.

Sure there were some good jokes to be had.

And some frankly disturbing solutions for dealing with the situation.

But were they really worth it in the long run?

Jessie concluded:

I always suspected I'd get my 15 minutes some day. If you'd had told me it would be had been airplane-related that would have made sense; I go on two to three trips per month. But I never would have guessed that I'd gain notoriety for a picture of feet.

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