QAnon fanatics have just discovered The Beatles and they're appalled

QAnon fanatics have just discovered The Beatles and they're appalled
Trump's new campaign video appears to use QAnon theme song

It only took 62 years, but it seems young conspiracy theorists have discovered the massively successful British pop band The Beatles, and they have some thoughts.

On Twitter, Sameera Khan, a self-proclaimed "anti-woke" journalist shared a photo of The Beatles' album cover Yesterday and Today which featured the iconic "butcher cover."

"What in the SHAITAN is this?!?" Khan wrote, alluding to evil spirits in Islam.

The four men, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney, are dressed in white with mutilated plastic baby dolls around them.

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Even in 1966, the cover sparked controversy.

But decades later, people still have something to say about it, and now conspiracy theorists are coming up with wild theories about The Beatles.


Repliers immediately began circulating theories about the boy band.

"If you read Dr. John Coleman book, former MI6, on the british deep state you will learn that The Beatles was financed by the british govt to help create a counter culture w/ rock music & drugs to study it via the tavistock institute. 60's counter culture was mostly manufactured," a Twitter user wrote.

The Twitter user attached a photo of Coleman's 1992 book Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300.

Coleman's book is apparently filled with right-wing conspiracy theories, according to Goodreads reviewers.


Another Twitter user added, "There's testimony from former followers of the Indonesian Satanic Church, they used the pop songs playlist for praise & worship, and one of these song is Imagine by John Lennon."


One person replied to Khan, comparing the cover to the recent Balenciaga advertisement scandal.

"Before Balenciaga, there was the Beatles," they wrote.

Many right-wing conspiracy theories relate back to the false abuse or exploitation of children, like the theory that children were using litter boxes in schools.

Upon seeing Khan's post, and the replies spewing conspiracy theories, people online mocked the Twitter users' ideas.


According to reports, The Beatles' said Yesterday and Today album cover was a statement against the Vietnam War.

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