The Queen's collection of childhood toys is terrifying

Chris Jackson/ Staff

Kids these days and their X-Boxes, eh? Perhaps it's high time they put down the electronics and go back to good old fashioned toys.

Although, after seeing the toys the Queen got to play with, we might be having some second thoughts about that.

Some of the Queen's childhood toys were recently up for grabs from auction house Burstow & Hewett if you felt like being both patriotic and terrorised.

The horror begins with this creepy pair whose toothy smiles would not help to lull a child into sleep.

Picture:Picture: Burstow and Hewett 

They pair sold for £880.

These next 'toys' (read 'horror film props') have a pout that is now burned into your mind's eye forever.

Yep, the soulless stare of these sweet baby dolls will never leave you now.

Picture:Picture: Burstow and Hewett 

Picture: Burstow and Hewett 

If you wanted to be eternally haunted by the pouting pair above, the first doll would have set you back £120 and the second £250.

This next one has less of a pout, but we can all agree that it's equally terrifying (and expensive, at £250).

Picture: Picture: Burstow and Hewett 

The collection also includes some genuinely lovely stuff too - such as Royal baby clothing, once belonging to the Queen and Princess Margaret.

This peach silk baby coat, and photograph of Princess Elizabeth wearing it, sold for £1,250.

Picture: Picture: Burstow and Hewett 

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