Quiz: Are you stupider than an average American?

You had one job, Bill Nye the Science Guy.
You had one job, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

America, home of the brave, could perhaps be more accurately described as the land of the, umm, wilfully ignorant.

The Pew Research Center found that just six per cent of randomly selected representative American adults got every question in a 12 point quiz about simple scientific principles right.

Overall more correct answers were given than incorrect ones - 73 per cent of respondents knew the difference between astronomy and astrology, and 86 per cent got the fact that the core is the hottest part of the Earth right.

However, people struggled with questions about boiling points and how sound waves work.

Pit yourself against the American general populace below (the results page will open in a new window - and if the quiz doesn't load, you can take it here too.)

H/T: IFL Science

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