What are the Quordle answers for 10 May?

What are the Quordle answers for 10 May?
Does Playing Wordle Make You Smarter?
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Quordle is essentially Wordle on steroids, with the opportunity to guess four words instead of one. Released in January, the spin-off game has now welcomed over 15 million players in total.

The premise of the game gets easier after a few practices.

You have nine chances to guess all four words. Each attempt populates all four grids.

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The answers for May 5 are:

  • Urine, a liquid by-product of metabolism in humans and in many other animals.
  • Hedge, an investment that is made with the intention of reducing the risk of adverse price movements in an asset.
  • North, one of the four compass points or cardinal directions.
  • Lasso, a rope or long thong of leather with a noose used especially for catching horses and cattle.

Didn't guess correctly? There are always these Wordle alternatives to have a go at.

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