6 shocking Friends facts

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Friends said its last goodbye over 13 years ago, but we are as obsessed with it as ever.

Thankfully, the ever-popular series still has surprises up its sleeves, despite so many re-runs - and here are the most shocking.

Warning: what comes next may be emotionally traumaticdepending on where you stand on the controversy that is Ross and Rachel.

Rachel almost didn't feature in the final season

Aniston told American TV journalist Matt Lauer that she was was concerned about appearing in the final series.

She wanted her time on the show to end while people were still laughing. Thankfully, she changed her mind.

Otherwise we really would never have been able to laugh again.

Friends was supposed to have just four main characters

Phoebe and Chandler were originally conceived as supporting characters.

But let's be honest, they were always going to force themselves into the limelight.

David Schwimmer never had to audition for the part of Ross

The role was written with him in mind, as executive Kevin Bright had worked with Schwimmer before.

Eric McCormack, the Will in Will & Grace, may have auditioned two or three times for the role but had no real chance as the character was written for Schwimmer.

The identity of Ugly Naked Guy was a mystery for years

The man who liked to let it all hang out was only revealed to be Jon Haugen in 2016.

A Huffington Post journalist dedicated some pretty hefty resources to uncovering that gem - an entire year of his life.

Bruce Willis starred in the show after losing a bet

He lost a bet against Matthew Perry over how successful their film, The Whole Nine Yards, would be.

It stormed the box office, meaning Willis lost the bet and the poor guy had to appear in one of the best TV shows of all time.

Lisa Kudrow hated playing guitar at first

It's hard to imagine Phoebe looking unhappy with a guitar in hand.

Kudrow said:

I didn't like the guitar. I wasn't getting it. So I think I even asked, 'What if she plays the bongos?'

Thankfully - though Phoebe on bongos sounds pretty great - Kudrow suffered through learning a couple of cords, before ditching lessons and declaring the Phoebe wouldn't know that much anyway.

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