Randolph White given the remix treatment after F-35 jet interview goes viral

Randolph White given the remix treatment after F-35 jet interview goes viral
Randolph White goes viral for candid interview about crashed F35 jet

A local man in South Carolina named Randolph White has become an internet sensation, complete with his own remixes, after recreating the sound he heard when the missing F-35 stealth jet crashed near his home.

Earlier this week, the US military appealed to the public to help them find the expensive missing plane following a "mishap" that saw the pilot eject from the jet, which carried on flying regardless.

Although the missing jet inspired plenty of memes it was eventually found having crashed in rural South Carolina. However, the story has now taken on a new leaf thanks to Randolph White.

Speaking to an NBC affiliate, White, wearing an iconic straw hat and what looks like a security vest, said that he was "in the bathroom taking a shave" when he heard an almighty sound takeover his "nice and quiet and peaceful" area.

He added that the noise sounded like a cross "between a screech and a whistle" and in a moment that few people would have expected began to recreate the sound himself.

“I said, ‘What in the world is this?'” he continued. “And I heard a boom! Then my whole house shook.”

White admitted that he thought a meteorite had crashed into the Earth but added "well if it was an airplane, it needs to be reported because that thing was flying just too low."

A day later helicopters started circling the area which White thought "somebody must have robbed a bank” or “killed some people or whatever. So, I walked up there, and they told me it was about the plane."

The interview has since been viewed more than 4 million times after it was shared by Barstool Sports on X/Twitter.

White has now become a viral sensation and his mesmerising interview has now been given several remixes which are well worth your time.

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