10 random acts of kindness that prove the world is still good

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Friday 28 June 2019 07:00
Picture:(iStock and Sarbjit kaur)

Brexit, climate change, Donald Trump and the horrible situation along the Mexico border. It can be hard to stomach the news. Which is why sometimes we need reminders that good people actually exist.

Here are ten reminders:

1. The stranger who mailed this woman her ID and credit card after she lost it

2. The nine-year-old who used his own pocket money to cover school lunch debts for his entire third grade class

3. The woman who rescued a puppy and reunited him with his siblings - and then adopted

Here is Larry the puppy, two months on:

4. High school teacher who created a 'check-in chart' to help students' mental health


6. A stranger who created a parking spot for a child’s bike

7. These students delivering bags of food to the homeless

8. This psychology teacher who made a list of ways to cope with stress

9. These people buying coffee and hampers full of goodies for paramedics, thanking them for their service

They even leave notes on ambulances.

10. Spiderman actor Tom Holland, who rescues a fan after she's almost trampled

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