This note left on a car by a stranger will restore your faith in humanity


The human race is complex. Very complex.

Now more than ever, thanks to the internet, the best and worst of humanity are just a click away.

Thankfully, indy100 friends, we have lured you here to tell you a happy tale. Sometimes the best deeds of all can come from a stranger. Random acts of human kindness, however rare they may seem, are seriously heartwarming.

Thankfully, today is one of those days, as a Reddit user has posted an incredible note that they found on their windshield.

Let’s just say it’s too cute to handle.

In response, Reddit user ShaneOfan commented:

That is awesome. Glad some one was looking out for you. Just remember to pay it forward. Also contest the ticket.

And the Original Poster responded:

Definitely paying it forward! Might just toss this whole envelope on another car next Tuesday. 😄

When someone asked if their Monday was actually too rough for a parking ticket, the riginal poster replied:

Monday was actually not that great, so this definitely added some goodness to my week. :)

No, *you've* got something in your eye.

H/T: Someecards

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