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A man called his daughter an "entitled b***h" after she complained about not getting a car for her birthday - but there is more to the story.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained that she is the youngest of four siblings and had just celebrated her 18th birthday. And while her three older siblings all received cars upon turning 18, on condition they got grades, she didn't and she thinks it is because her grades aren't as good.

"I'm definitely the dumbest of the kids," she wrote. "I do ok but I'm not like my siblings who get good grades pretty easily. But I honestly try my best and have had a tutor and i've never failed a class or even just scraped a pass."

On her birthday she said "my brother and sister who were there gave each other the whole smirkey side-eye thing when they saw I didn't get the box with keys in that they got. I pretended like I didn't see."

"The next day I was pretty upset so I asked my dad why I hadn't got the car like my siblings had," she added.

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"He said my grades were ok but not 'at their level'. I got upset and said that he knew I'd really tried and I'd gone to every session with my tutor and done my best. He said 'then it looks like your best isn't good enough' and I shouted at him that I was sick of being the least favourite child. He called me an entitled b***h but I feel like I'm held to a different standard because I'm not so smart."

Responding to the story, people sympathised with the woman.

"It actually doesn’t matter if you were given a car or not," one said. "It sound like that’s not where the hurt is coming from. Your dad could have given all three of your siblings a rock for their birthday and excluded you and you’d still be upset. I don’t think you’re being entitled.

"Students all enter school with different challenges, but school is designed for only a few brains. It’s unfair to quantify academic success."

Another expressed a similar sentiment. "It’s not about the car exactly, it’s the blatantly unfair treatment," they said.

And a third said: "You are trying. It's sad that he rewards As, which are effortless for some kids to get, rather than hard work. When your siblings have to live in the real world, they'll quickly learn that hard work is far more valuable."

What a nightmare.

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