Woman warned her fiance is 'using' her after he makes her pay his hospital bill

Woman warned her fiance is 'using' her after he makes her pay his hospital bill
Fist Dates couple argue over bill

A woman was left furious when her fiance expected her to pay for his hospital bill.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained her partner has a stingy history.

Indeed, he doesn't pay when they go out for dinner or "for any fixes in our rental apartment" and she's "always supposed to foot the bill for almost everything".

When they discuss it, she added, "his excuse is that he's been saving for a new apartment."

"But he still has half of his salary which he uses on himself and buys gadgets and gaming stuff," she added. "When I try to argue about it he'd say it's his money after all, and remind me of how he's saving up to buy an apartment for us."

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So things really became heated when he asked her to take him to hospital to check his ankle that had been hurting for weeks.

"I drove him there since he was in pain, but was surprised when he told me to pay the bill. I asked why not him and he brought up the new apartment he's been saving for again. I had it, especially after he threatened to not add my name to the new apartment's title if I refuse to help him out. I snapped and told him to pay for himself and stop using my money with the apartment excuse then I left."

Since then they've been arguing about it more and she is fuming.

Reacting to her story, people thought she was in the right:

"You are being used," one said. "100 per cent when he has enough money for the apartment, he dumps you. Stop footing the bill. Leave him."

Another said: "He is just using you and your money and probably plans to dump you once he buys the 'apartment'".

A third asked: "Girl, do you need a red flag to literally slap you in the face??? Run!!!"

And a fourth said: "You're being exploited".

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