Woman left ‘mortified’ after accidentally sending a ‘awkward’ picture to her lecturer instead of her boyfriend

Woman left ‘mortified’ after accidentally sending a ‘awkward’ picture to her lecturer instead of her boyfriend
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A woman was left cringing after she sent a picture to her lecturer that was meant for her boyfriend.

Posting on Reddit, the anonymous woman said she sent a selfie with a book with the line “please punish me, daddy” in it and used that particular phrase as the caption.

She said that her boyfriend and lecturer have the same first names and they are saved next to each other in her phone and well, you can guess what happened next.

The woman, based in America, said: “I have this habit of visiting the local bookstore every Tuesday after college. I’d been reading this smut book on Google Play, which like most ‘trashy books’ has a ridiculous cover with this shirtless guy cradling a girl in lingerie and pink cursive font.

“My partner... saw me reading it and started dissing the story, poking holes all over the narrative.

“There’s a paragraph where the two protagonists seen on the cover are playing pool and the girl loses so she tells the guy to ‘please punish me, daddy’”.

She continued: “I decided to buy this book as a joke, thought of a funny caption (punish me daddy), sent him a picture of me with the book - Now here’s the main f**k up.

“I ended up sending the picture to my professor because his name came up first. Silly mistake, could’ve deleted right? But I didn’t realize this until I got into a taxi and by then there were two blue ticks on the message.”

She said when she spotted her mistake she quickly tried to rectify it and apologise to the teacher.

She said: “I was mortified because he could’ve reported me for breaking student-teacher protocol. The caption ‘punish me daddy’ and my stupid pout face made things worse.

“A few minutes later I realized the only thing I could do was apologize and say it was an accident.

“So that’s what I did and he didn’t reply until the next day. When he did he said, ‘it’s very disruptive to the hallowed student teacher relationship and I do NOT condone this kind of behaviour’.

“It’ll probably make classes with him awkward for a while.”

We’re sure it will too.

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