Woman criticised for wanting her gay dad to pay for her wedding but hide his 'lifestyle' from her in-laws

Woman criticised for wanting her gay dad to pay for her wedding but hide his 'lifestyle' from her in-laws
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While it’s an old tradition for the father of the bride to pay for a daughter’s wedding, one man has refused because of his daughter’s unacceptable request.

In a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole community, a man explained that his daughter wanted him to pay for her wedding and to also hide his sexuality from her new in-laws.

The man captioned the post, “AITA for refusing to pay for my daughter’s wedding even if I promised to?” and went into more detail about the issue.

He explained that he and his former wife had their daughter when they were 18 before he found himself and came out as gay.

His daughter is now 21 and planning her wedding, which he has previously agreed to pay for.

But, he explained his decision changed after his daughter revealed her demands for the wedding, which included banning his husband and 2-year-old son from attending and banning him from mentioning the fact he is gay.

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The man listed out her demands in the post, writing: “Since their future in-laws are so conservative and religious, my husband is not allowed to attend the wedding; I said: OK it’s your day.

“My son (2) can’t attend either. No, it’s not going to be a child-free wedding.

“I can’t talk about my ‘lifestyle’ because she doesn’t make her in-laws uncomfortable.”

He and his daughter got into a fight after he suggested that her in-laws pay for the wedding since she is bending over backwards for them.

The man continued: “Therefore, I told her that if her in-laws are so important, they should pay for the wedding, she got mad at me and called me a child and said that if I keep on with this ‘attitude’ she’ll ask her FIL to walk her down the aisle.

“Then I said: ‘fine if my family isn’t welcomed and I’m excluded, I’m not paying for the wedding’, she was furious and said I was being selfish, picking favourites, and not thinking about her at all.”

The man revealed that people in his life, including his former wife, are calling him “selfish”, but other Redditors disagreed.

One person commented: “NTA [not the a**hole]. She can’t disrespect and try to hide your marriage while also expecting you to pay for hers.”

Others concurred, someone else wrote: “Agreed. Daughter is immature and allowing homophobia to happen.”

Another outraged reader wrote: “As others have noted, your daughter is choosing to prioritise her future in-laws over you, whilst prioritising your money over valuing you as her dad and a human being with feelings.

“I'm so sorry. I am ashamed of her on your behalf. She should be terribly ashamed of herself. I wonder if she could even articulate to you why her in-laws' feelings are more important than yours or your husband's?

“Either way, you have been more than gracious, and she has behaved terribly.”

Other people's unhinged behaviour has also gone viral on Reddit. One person revealed their fiance deleted all their work because they refused to go to a party. Another woman was left feuding with her father after he said he was going to give his new daughter the exact same name as her.

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