Man plans romantic proposal with a tin of spaghetti hoops

Man plans romantic proposal with a tin of spaghetti hoops
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A man has revealed he is planning a very romantic proposal indeed, with a tin of Valentine's Day themed spaghetti hoops.

Posting on Reddit, the man said he had been keeping a tin of the Heinz hoops for two years, waiting for the right moment to presumably spell out "marry me" or something like that with the alphabet themed pasta.

He wrote: "Missus wants me to pull out all the stops when I eventually propose. I've kept this bad boy for two years."

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"My genius scares me," he added in the comments.

Reacting to the post, people loved it and praised him for his originality.

One said: "Adorable. I like the idea of you occasionally getting it out over the last two years, just to ponder it and then put it away again until the time is right. Well done pal. Well done."

Another said: "And here was I thinking about bottle of champagne and proposing over a romantic dinner in a posh restaurant. Although I now have a cunning plan: still propose in a posh restaurant but ask them to serve up the Heinz Marry Me. I feel confident this will work."

"That is the most British thing I've ever seen," a third said.

And when a fourth asked what toast he would use to spell out the letters on, he replied: "Fresh bloomer (unsliced) from the bakers. Will slice it myself like the true man that I am."

We can think of worse ways to get hitched.

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