Neighbour 'bangs on the ceiling' in bitter conflict over noise

Neighbour 'bangs on the ceiling' in bitter conflict over noise
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Two properties in a block of flats are locked in a bitter conflict because of sound proofing - or lack thereof.

Posting on Reddit, the upstairs occupier explained that despite "being as quiet and considerate as possible" their downstairs neighbours "are still causing problems and banging on the ceiling all the time".

"There is little to no sound proofing and the floorboards are extremely creaky so it's difficult for both sides but they are being so unreasonable and banging on the ceiling just expecting me to go whenever they command.

"Sometimes I will get home before they get back from work and sleep and then once I wake up they realise I'm home they turn their TV off and stay silent for ages, almost like they're trying to listen to what I'm doing" he added.

"How can I explain to these people that I have every right to be there and they cannot control things outside of their own flat?"

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Responding to the problem, people weighed in with advice. "Look up ways that you can soundproof your home such as rugs and rug pads," one said.

"They also need to work on soundproofing their flat as noise can bounce around in such misleading ways they could be blaming you for noise originating in their own home. Try writing a calm note - no accusations, no name-calling - explaining the situation. You're not trying to cause a disturbance to them, please don't bang into your floors. Ask if you could both try to work on trying to find remedies so that you're all more at peace."

Another said: "Living in flats is challenging for most people and I’m sorry that you’ve got intolerant people banging on your ceiling but you may be louder than you think."

And a third said: "I also super agree that it is, at root, a structural issue. I currently live in an old ass crickety apartment building, and noise and even smells permeate through everything".

What a difficult situation.

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