An argument between office workers about tea-making etiquette, conducted by passive-aggressive notes, has gone viral because it is as British as it sounds.

The notes, which were posted on a Reddit forum called ‘Casual UK’, show a conversation between the two unknown workers, arguing about whether people should refill the kettle or not after making a cuppa.

One shows an image of Rex, the dinosaur from Toy Story, saying that he had short arms so couldn’t refill the kettle when it is empty. It adds: “What’s your excuse?

“Please fill the kettle up when you’ve finished with it.”

The reply, written above an image of a cup with a smiley face, goes: “Hasn’t T-Rex heard of conserving energy by only boiling enough water for what is required?

“Also, a decent cup of tea requires freshly boiled water not multiple boiled water.

“No wonder he’s a dinosaur.”

The photo of the notes were uploaded to the social media platform, with the caption: “Shots fired in the office kitchen”.

Reacting to it, one person said: “In the big scheme of things if that’s the biggest issue then it’s a pretty well-administered kitchen.

“Before most other kitchen communities get to kettle filling they’ve fallen on bin filling, dirty cups, soggy tea bags, general cleanliness and milk buying rotas.

“Now you just gotta decide whether you want all-out war or a bit of smug education.”

And another added: “I’ve never heard of people asking for a kettle to be left filled. Surely it takes two seconds to fill up with the correct amount you need rather than boiling a kettle that’s full to the brim for one cup?”

“My driving instructor once complained that his son never filled the kettle at home” wrote a third. “I said, ‘what’s the issue it’s not hard to fill a kettle’.

“He responded ‘exactly’ thinking that I had agreed with him. If it’s easy to fill a kettle then why are complaining about it being empty and you needing to fill it?”

A fourth person said: “And they wonder why some folk now prefer to work from home.”

And a fifth claimed: “The freshly boiled thing has been debunked as a myth.”

Only in Britain...

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