Reddit thread asking ‘Why am I too attracted to my wife?’ goes viral
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A Reddit post of a person asking “why am I too attracted to my wife?” has gone viral for obvious reasons.

The user (@satanscilantro) shared the post on 9 November, and it has been reposted all over the Internet since.

A Twitter user shared the post, which has now been liked by over 320,000 people and retweeted 46,000 times.

The original post reads: “I know this sounds weird. But I have been with my wife for about 10 years, 8 years dating and almost 2 married. I have always found her beautiful and super hot, but lately these last few months I’m obsessing over her.

The user added: “I feel like she’s way too hot, I can’t stop staring at her when we’re in the same room.”

They then asked their followers: “Is this normal? Do I need to do something? I tried looking online for help, but there isn’t anything out there. I have no friends or family to ask about this.”

Other Reddit users commented on their thread with similar declarations of love for their partners.

One user said: “No need to worry. I’ve done the same thing over my 26 year marriage. Some years it’s there. Some years it’s normal attraction.”

Another added “you can’t be TOO attracted to your wife. I’ve been married to mine for 21 years, and I still look at her in the way you have just described”, to which the original user responded with an even more besotted reply.

They said: “Early years it wasn’t hard for me to control myself and not bug her all the time about fun time. But lately I can’t stop thinking about fun time with her because of how insanely hot she’s becoming in my mind. It kinda feels like when I was 13 and seeing Elizabeth Hurley on screen.”

On Twitter, people shared their funny and emotional reactions to the Reddit thread.

One user even compared the writer to the character Gomez Addams from the Addams Family, who is famously besotted by his wife Morticia.

It’s like a real life (or, more accurately, online) rom-com and we’re here for it.

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