Woman sparks debate by wearing black to wedding

Woman sparks debate by wearing black to wedding
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A woman has sparked a debate after considering wearing black to a wedding.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained she is "pretty alternative" and wanted to wear black but was concerned about whether it was appropriate or not.

She wrote: "I identify as pretty alternative; I wear a lot of black clothes, dark eyeliner and I have tattoos. So naturally, I was talking to my boyfriend about buying a nice new black dress for the wedding.

"He chuckled and said in disbelief 'you’re not going to wear black to a wedding, are you?'

"I know that wearing white to a wedding is off-limits, but I’ve not heard anything bad about wearing black before. I get that it’s more of a funeral colour, but surely I won’t be taking any attention away from the bride if I’m dressed in black?"

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Responding to her concerns, some people said black was fine. "My bridesmaids wore black cocktail dresses because I really wanted them to get dresses they could wear again," one said. "For real. Black is awesome."

Another wrote: "I specifically have a black dress that I wear to weddings because I don’t ever want to upstage the bride and I just want to blend in. I think it would be fine unless you went in with like a painted mohawk or something else extreme".

But others said it was inappropriate. One wrote: "Black at a Thai wedding is really, really bad manners."

And another explained: "I’ve heard a couple of theories on why not to wear black to a wedding. Someone else mentioned that you’re wishing someone in the bridal party dead. The other one I’ve heard is that anyone who wears a black dress to a wedding has slept with the groom and is showing disrespect to the couple and is in mourning."

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