Woman ditches drinks with her friend because she couldn't stand a crying baby

Woman ditches drinks with her friend because she couldn't stand a crying baby
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A woman walked out on drinks with her friend all thanks to a crying baby.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained that her and her friend, both aged 27, went to a brewery for happy hour drinks but was disturbed by a baby at the next table.

"He [was] eating some mac and cheese and just yelling 'awawawa', over and over in the minute we were near the baby," she explained.

She added: "He seemed happy, but I don't like babies yelling, crying, or really making noise. It really bothers me."

So, she asked my friend if she wanted to move tables and told her she didn't want to be near a yelling baby. But the friend disagreed, and said "she thought the baby was cute and funny."

They argued for a while and her friend said she was being "an asshole. So, she left.

Reacting to her story, some people had her back.

"I wouldn’t want to be near a screaming baby, either," one said. "You have choices and you made one."

Another said: "It’s fine if you didn’t want to sit there. It’s fine that she didn’t want to move."

But others thought she was in the wrong.

"It’s a brewery, not a bar," one said. "Almost all breweries I’ve ever seen are family friendly."

Another wrote: "Breweries that have restaurants and serve food, are for families too. They are not meant to be bars. If you don’t want children around, don’t go to a restaurant. Go to a club or a bar."

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