San Francisco movie goers concerned about future plan for Castro Theater

A man was left baffled after discovering movie theater food onUber Eats - and people have questions.

Jenkem Jones, who goes by @jenkemjones on TikTok, took to the platform to share that he saw Regal Cinemas pop up on the foodservice app.

“I am starving, man. I am so hungry - let me just Uber Eats some Regal Cinemas food. I am just craving some movie theater nachos,” he said as the background on his screen showed a picture of the Regal Cinemas Tostitos Nachos.

“Man look at those nachos. I would love to pay a delivery fee for a dry a** Nathan’s hot dog. Who the f*** is buying this s***... that’s insane,” Jones continued.

I hate this dystopia. Follow my back up account @jonkemjims


I hate this dystopia. Follow my back up account @jonkemjims

I hate this dystopia. Follow my back up account @jonkemjims

Similar to airplane and hospital food at times, movie theater snacks don’t always have the best reputation for freshness and the prices are sky-high.

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Naturally, people took to the comments of the video to express to point that out as well.

“Over $7 for a watered-down fountain drink, bruh,” someone wrote.

“Man I'm dying for some popcorn that was fresh 3 days ago,” another added.

A third wrote: “It doesn't even look good in the pictures.”

Someone else said that they have ordered the popcorn from the movie theater before and wrote: “One time I was really high and wanted movie theatre popcorn so I ordered it,” wrote a fourth.

Another person who claimed to be a Regal Cinemas employee also confirmed that people do sometimes order their food off of the app.

“Regal employee here, Yes people do this. People even order after we've closed and try to argue with me about turning the machines back on.”

Indy100 reached out to @jenkemjones and Regal Cinemas for comment.

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