Retro caravan’s colour sparks new optical illusion debate

<p>What colours do you see?</p>

What colours do you see?


We all remember the white and gold dress (or was it the blue and black dress...?), but there’s a new optical illusion in town.

A retro caravan has sparked a fierce debate on social media, with users divided over its colour.

Spencer Porter, 21, from Melbourne, bought the 1970s Viscount vehicle to renovate and take his family on holidays.

Little did he know, photos of his pet project would soon travel around the world.

The father-of-two, told that he first realised his fixer-upper had divisive powers when he mentioned the colour to his partner.

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“I said, ‘oh that’s a really nice white and blue caravan’ and then my partner said, ‘no it’s pink and white’, so we had a little argument there,” he told the news outlets.

“Then we showed the in-laws and they saw something different too, so we quickly realised everyone had a different perspective as to what it was.”

The dispute has since been raging on TikTok, with users reporting seeing everything from “white and mint” to “pale purple and baby blue.”

Porter has posted a number of videos of his caravan on the platform, even offering $1,000 to the first person to correctly guess its colours.

Each video has been viewed thousands of times, even though his account – retroviscountreno – has only been live for three days.

The 21-year-old revealed that the vehicle was in, fact white, and green, according to its previous owner.

Thousands of TikTok users are divided over the caravan’s colours

“It‘s just bizarre,” Porter said. “But, at the end of day, the bare bones colour is white and green.

“(The previous owner) painted the optical illusion by accident because he didn’t like the previous colour. It used to be cream so he wanted to paint it so it would stand out.”

The 21-year-old acknowledged that despite knowing the true scheme, even he sees various colours “depending on how the light hits it”.

“Even though I know it’s white and green, I still see white and blue and I haven’t been able to see the pink and white, like my partner did,” he said.

He added that he had no plans of painting over the two-tone illusion and said he was looking forward to the caravan sparking conversation when the family is on the road.

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