House for sale on RightMove features 'courtyard garden' that's the size of a phonebox

House for sale on RightMove features 'courtyard garden' that's the size of a phonebox
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A house listing has been ridiculed for featuring a ‘compact’ courtyard garden that’s just about big enough to stand in.

The one-bedroom terraced house is located in Hunters Bar, Sheffield and is listed for a guide price of £185,000.

Marketed by estate agent Whitehornes, it is described as “well presented and proportioned throughout”, but after viewing images of the garden, some disagree.

A photo of the garden in question shows a tiny fenced-off decking area boasting two shrubs in pots and little else.

Twitter user Luke Neve posted an image of the property’s extremely modest garden and it has since gone viral.

He wrote: “Just found a house on rightmove with this gorgeous 'private compact courtyard garden'.”

It’s fair to say people were baffled and amused and in equal measure.

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One person joked: “This is the cage I used to put sims in when I was bored of them and wanted them to die.”

Another said: “There's sun traps and then there's sun coffins.”

Someone else wrote: “I thought it was the outside toilet.”

Others were shocked to find the listing was in Sheffield and not the capital, where recently a tiny flat with a bed in the kitchen was listed with a rent price of £390 per month. A £1000 per month London flat also baffled people as they couldn’t work out where the bed was.

One shocked person commented: “Thought this must be in London, but it’s in Sheffield.”

Another person said: “It’s in Hunters Bar! This is Sheffield madness, not London madness.”

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