The 14 funniest responses to Rishi Sunak filling up someone else's car with petrol

The 14 funniest responses to Rishi Sunak filling up someone else's car with petrol
Rishi Sunak struggles to use contactless payment in awkward clip
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Rishi Sunak may have slashed 5p off a litre of petrol, but now attention has turned to how he later announced it on Twitter following his Spring Statement.

The chancellor headed to his local Sainsbury's petrol station to cosplay being "ordinary." How did he do that? He borrowed a humble Kia Rio from a man who works there and filled it with petrol for a photo op.

"It's 6pm - the biggest cut to all fuel duty rates ever has just come into effect. #SpringStatement2022," Sunak penned along with the staged shot.

Of course, the photo sparked speculations that the car did not belong to the minister. And they were right.

"Confirmed by Treasury sources that this Kia is not Rishi Sunak's car but is actually owned by a Sainsbury's employee," Westminister correspondent and LBC. presenter Ben Kentish said. "The Chancellor apparently paid for the petrol."

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What happened next was that of comedy gold. Inevitably, people turned to Twitter to annihilate Sunak's with roasts.

Here are 14 of our favourites:

Just as you thought it couldn't get any more cringeworthy, the chancellor couldn't get his head around contactless payments while attempting to buy a can of Coke.

"For me, it's not even that's he doesn't know how to use a bank card (I've made silly mistakes at payment)," one said. "It's that he clearly doesn't realise you need to scan items when you buy them: 'Where's your expenses form, layman?'"

Another joked: "First time in a shop for the multi-millionaire former hedge fund manager. Coca Cola is the only product he recognised - he's not going to drink it…"

While a third eagle-eyed Twitter user responded: "I watched it about 12 times on loop just in case it looked bad, but actually wasn't. But it really was that bad. He tried to scan his card on the bar code reader. He doesn't grasp the sequence required to purchase an item. He's *never been in a shop*."

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