Comedian dubs herself into Michael Gove's bizarre BBC Breakfast interview

After Michael Gove’s incredibly cringy interview on BBC Breakfast, it has now been hilariously parodied by comedian Rosie Holt.

The car crash interview with the “levelling up” minister saw him implement a number of accents, including a Scouse accent telling people to “calm down” over the cost of living help.

Given the serious nature of the subject, as many millions of people face financial difficulty due to huge rising costs, his interview was criticised by many.

Now, it has been perfectly parodied by Holt who’s a pro at mocking and mimicking the government who, to be fair, have provided plenty of material.

In her most recent clip, she put herself in the shoes of BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker who was tasked with posing questions to Gove.

She tweeted the clip with the caption: “Why aren’t they showing the full Michael Gove interview with the presenter’s reaction at the end?”

Her reactions to Gove’s many accents and voices said exactly what everyone was thinking.

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Each time the Tory minister switched to a new bizarre voice, Holt’s face screwed up even further.

One person wrote: “I'm actually shedding tears. If only the facial expressions of every interviewer were in such plain sight, political/news shows would be so much more interesting.”

Someone else commented: “No, I’m not falling for it this time, there is no way that is a really Tory MP.”

“One of your best. But TBF, Mikey is doing all the work,” one fan responded.

Holt replied: “Can't compete with the superb range of voices.”

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