Comedian's parody of the ‘get a better paid job’ Tory MP is a must-watch

Comedian's parody of the ‘get a better paid job’ Tory MP is a must-watch
Britons struggling with cost of living should get 'better job', says minister

A comedian has parodied the Tory minister who helpfully suggested people get "better paid jobs" to deal with the cost of living crisis and it is pretty funny.

Yesterday, safeguarding minister Rachel Maclean told people how to safeguard their finances amid soaring inflation and the answer seemed to just be "get more money then".

She said: “Over the long term we need to have a plan to grow the economy and make sure that people are able to protect themselves better.

“Whether that is by taking on more hours or moving to a better paid job and these are long term actions but that's what we're focused on as a government.”

People were outraged at her comments so thanks to comedian Rosie Holt for providing some light relief with her parody video, in which she suggested shopkeepers become bankers to make more money and old people step in to low-paid jobs instead to give them the opportunity to get out of the house.

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Take a look at the video here:

People thought she had hit the nail on the head:

We just wish Tories didn't keep giving Holt so many ridiculous interviews to parody.

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